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Bromley Plumber, Unit 102, 3 Ravensbourne Rd, Bromley, BR1 1HN


Plumber Bromley FAQs


Q? Do you operate on weekends?

A We work 6 days a week excluding Sundays. Call us for an inspection and we’ll be there within the hour to attend to your local plumbing issues. We can work at a time that is convenient to our customers. Please check our contact page for our business hours.

Q? Is it safe to attempt any plumbing repairs on my own?

A It is not advisable to try and fix any plumbing issues on your own, as this may trigger an even bigger issue. It is best to leave it to the experts. They are certified and knowledgeable so they can handle any issues. Call one of our specialists technicians at Plumbing Bromley Company today.


Q? Do you have a guarantee for your services?

A Yes. All our services come with a 12 month guarantee. We even offer our customers a manufacturer’s guarantee for any shower and heating systems that we install.


Q? How long does is take for your team to get here?

A We usually take an hour to get to your home for any plumbing emergencies. Whether it is a blocked drain or a sewer leak, we can be there soon to respond to any of your plumbing needs in a timely and efficient manner. Call us today.


Q? Do you accept cards for payments?

A Yes. We do accept credit and debit cards. Additionally, we also offer bank transfer facilities and well as cash payments where preferred. All payments should be made prior to our visit or upon arrival.


Q? Do you also offer commercial plumbing services?

A Yes, we offer domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing and heating services within Bromley and surrounding areas. Go through our customer testimonials on our website to see what they have to say about our services.


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