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Chief Plumbing Inspector – Collin Edwards

Hi, my name is Collin Edwards and I am Plumber Bromley chief plumbing inspector. I have been work with Plumbing Bromley Company for last five years. My job responsibilities are to head and supervise the plumbing team as they arrive at your home. I ensure that our expert team of plumbers are at work on time.

As Plumber Bromley chief plumbing inspector, I have a story to tell you.

I have experience in the plumbing field over the past 20 years. I have worked for many plumbing companies in Bromley and surrounding areas. Over time I realised that each and every worker needs supervision from another person. We get matured from our experience. And also, I noticed that paying attention to work is essential. If it is a big job or a small job, paying attention is very important. For that, mental relaxation is important. That means, we must have a good relationship with our customers. I suggest that, before they start your work, it is good to have a little chat with our customer. So, they can have some knowledge about your background and your needs.

I have learned from my mistakes. However, I want to be an expert in this field one day. Now, I have achieved my target, I am Plumber Bromley chief plumbing inspector because of my dedication to this field. I never pressured my employees. Once, I was in their situation. So, I know what it’s like.

I order to achieve the target easily, we use a computerised system. So, we can track any plumbing work scheduled for the day. This helps our team of plumbers to keep on track. We believe that being on time is important as we know time is precious for our customers.

In addition to that, the use of modern equipment helps us to improve the quality of our service. That is how we are providing unmatched service to any other plumber in Bromley.

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